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Foot pain is not normal and putting up with painful feet is very uncomfortable. At Dr. Anders foot care clinic I have a passion for all aspects of podiatry with the intention of providing the best service available. Along with the most obvious treatments for corns and hard skin, I can offer expert knowledge of biomechanical problems, sports injuries, undertake nail surgery and care for people with diabetes, neurological and circulatory problems.


You have corns and callus, Athlete's foot, verrucae, discomfort with toe nails or discoloured nails, heel pain or pain while walking or running. 
I promote podiatry not only as a treatment but as a positive lifestyle choice maintaining general foot health and preventing future mobility and joint (ankle, knee, hip, pelvis, back and neck) problems.
My aim is to enable you to walk or run without pain and to help you have healthy feet every day.


I was inspired to train as a Podiatrist when I was still at school. I went straight to University after finishing my A-Levels to undertake 3 years of full time study and qualified as a Podiatrist in 1994. 

I worked in the NHS after graduation and developed a keen interest in treating people with diabetes. I became a specialist diabetes podiatrist working with an expert team treating people with serious foot problems.  

My passion for foot health led me to undertake a PhD entitled "Understanding Perceptions of Foot Health in Diabetes" which I completed in 2013. I have published research papers, presented at conferences and written a patient information booklet entitled "Diabetes and your Feet".


New Patient (45 mins) involves a detailed assessment, treatment plan and routine podiatry treatment - £55.
Routine Podiatry (30 mins) involves the treatment of many
common foot conditions, including; corns, callus (hard skin), thickened or ingrown nails and cracked heels - £45.
Please call or email us for more information on our fees and we will give you a quote for the correct treatment.


I am also the founder of a supportive community dedicated to foot health, helping you understand how foot problems develop and enabling you to love and nurture your feet. I believe that by sharing stories and connecting with others we can all appreciate how important our feet are and drive change to reduce preventable foot problems.


Dr Anders Professional Foot Care

Foot care should be a pleasure not a chore, and the products you use should make you feel amazing. I spent 4 years developing this fabulous range of products, carefully selecting the most efficacious and natural ingredients to create formulations that are safe, assured and trusted.


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